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1950s Women's Hairstyles: Timeless Style

The 1950s were a golden era for women's fashion, no longer simply in garment but also in hairstyles. This decade saw a dramatic shift from the sensible and austere kinds of the 1940s to extra glamorous and meticulously styled hairdos. Women embraced quite a number hairstyles that were each sophisticated and expressive, reflecting the optimism and prosperity of the post-battle duration. Let’s take a deep dive into the records of 1950s women's hairstyles and explore a number of the iconic appearances that defined this stylish era.

A Brief History of 1950s women's hairstyles

The 1950s started with a wave of style trends, heavily encouraged by way of Hollywood's golden age. Actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly had become fashion icons, setting tendencies, looks and aspirations that girls round the world could observe and strive towards. The decade changed through to a back to ultra-female patterns, with a focal point on growing perfectly coiffed and voluminous hair. This length also saw the appearance of home haircare merchandise and home equipment, along with hairspray and electric rollers, which allowed ladies to gain salon-best looks at home.

Hair salons flourished during this time, turning into social hubs in which ladies could trap up at the contemporary trends and gossip whilst getting their hair styled. The significance positioned on grooming and look was meditated within the elaborate hairstyles of the era, which required ordinary renovation and a whole lot of styling equipment and products.

Hollywood played an undeniable massive sized role in shaping 1950s hairstyles. Actresses and celebrities set the trends, and girls eagerly observed , trying to emulate their favourite stars. Magazines, movies, and tv were important assets of proposal, showcasing the modern patterns and strategies. Advertisements for hair products and appliances additionally contributed to the recognition of sure hairstyles, as girls were encouraged to obtain those looks in their domestic lifes.

The emphasis on femininity and glamour became a reflection of the cultural and social norms of the time. Women were predicated on giving themselves impeccability, with every element of their look cautiously curated. Hairstyles have been a critical a part of this presentation, with a well-coiffed look visible as a sign of elegance and class. Let's dive into iconic hairstyles that defined this era.

Iconic 1950s Women's Hairstyles

Pageboy Cut

The Pageboy cut became a sleek and complicated hairstyle that became popular within the 1950s. This fashion featured straight hair that turned underneath on the ends, usually at chin-length. It changed into a practical but polished look that was effortlessly maintained at home. The Pageboy became frequently worn with an aspect part and from time to time followed with the aid of soft bangs. This fashion was perfect for ladies searching for a neat and tidy look that also appeared elegant.

1950s female hairstyles, a pageboy cut
The pageboy cut was an iconic hairstyle in the 1950s, with its distinctive inward-curled ends


The Bouffant coiffure become all about quantity and glamour. Women would tease their hair to create a high, rounded shape, regularly using hairspray to hold it in place. This dramatic appearance turned into the perfect hairstyle for both formal activities and more fun evening activities. The Bouffant was worn with or without bangs, and occasionally ladies brought accessories like headbands or bows for additional flair. The style required a variety of attempt and upkeep but was well worth it for the lovely effect that was highly sought after in the era.

1950s female hairstyles, a Bouffant
The bouffant, another iconic hairstyle, was defined by the puffy appearance that acted as a statement piece.

Pixie Cut

The Pixie cut turned traditional hair styles into a bold desire for women during the 1950s. This quick, cropped hairstyle changed into all approximately embracing a contemporary and edgy appearance. Actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Jean Seberg helped popularize the Pixie cut, displaying that short hair can be both female and chic. The Pixie cut highlighted facial functions and changed into easy to hold, making it a practical yet fashionable choice. It turned into a departure from the greater voluminous varieties of the time, appealing to ladies who wanted something extraordinary.

1950s female hairstlyes, pixie cut
The Pixie cut, popularised by Hepburn, was all the rage in the 1950s.


The Beehive became one of the most iconic hairstyle of the 1950s. It involved piling the hair excessive on the top in a rounded, beehive-like form. This appearance required a number of teasing and hairspray, similar to the bouffant, but the end result became a putting and glamorous hairstyle that turned into best for special activities. The Beehive may be adorned with ornamental combs or vegetation to add a hint of beauty. This style became a favourite among celebrities and socialites, becoming a symbol of 1950s glamour.

1950s female haircuts
Although, not strictly a 1950s haircut, the beehive is one that is inspired by the 1950s

Poodle Cut

The Poodle cut, made well-known through the American actress Lucille Ball, become a curly, voluminous style that became each a laugh and elegant hairstyle. This hairstyle involved tight curls everywhere in the head, equivalent to the fur of a poodle. The Poodle cut turned into a playful hairstyle and required a variety of protection, with ladies regularly putting their hair in curlers overnight to attain the favoured appearance. This fashion become specially famous amongst more youthful girls and brought a lively, energetic vibe to their appearance.


The Chignon, or hair bun, turned into a classic and elegant hairstyle that remained popular at some stage in the 1950s. This style involved collecting the hair into a knot behind the pinnacle, often at the nape of the neck. The Chignon changed into flexible, appropriate 1950s women's hairstyle for both casual and formal events. It could be worn sleek and clean for a complicated appearance or with gentle, unfastened tendrils for a more comfortable sense. The Chignon became a timeless style that exuded grace and poise.

1950s women's haircut, female wearing a chignon style at a airport
The chignon can be traced back to ancient Greece but was popular during the 1950s

Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls, even though extra related to the 1940s, persisted to be popular within the early 1950s. This hairstyle concerned rolling sections of hair into tight, upward curls, growing a special and glamorous appearance. Victory Rolls were regularly combined with other styles, consisting of the Bouffant or Chignon, including an extra touch of vintage charm. This fashion required talent and persistence to properly style however it changed into a pretty and highly sought after style admired for its difficult and attractive design.


The Pompadour became a unisex fashion that saw recognition among males and females within the 1950s. For women, the pompadour was defined by sweeping the hair upwards and returned from the forehead, developing peak and extent at the the front. This style was typically paired with diverse other hairdos, such as ponytails or buns, for a unique and stylish look. The Pompadour changed into specially famous inside the rock 'n' roll scene, with icons like Elvis Presley influencing the fashion.


The 1950s had been a transformative decade for women's hairstyles, characterised with the aid of a return to glamour and a focus on meticulously styled seems. From the glossy Pageboy cut to the voluminous Bouffant, the ambitious Pixie cut to the dramatic Beehive, every coiffure supplied a completely unique manner for girls to express their fashion and character. The impact of Hollywood and the arrival of new haircare products and appliances made it less complicated for girls to acquire these fashionable seems at domestic. The hairstyles of the 1950s continue to encourage and captivate, reminding country time while each detail mattered and elegance reigned preferred.


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